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We offer both in person and online sessions with a counsellor, psychologist or therapist in your language. If you need help deciding , contact us.

Counselor, Berlin, Germany

The goal of my work is to accompany a person in finding their self without pressure to adhere to formulaic or readymade answers.

Psychologist, Berlin, Germany

My approach is to accompany you in finding your own strengths and resources.

Flexible Pricing available
English and German-speaking psychoanalyst, Berlin, Germany

I attempt to integrate a sympathetic, generous and caring perspective into my therapeutic work, which also helps me better understand others.

Psychoanalyst, Berlin, Germany

I love my profession. I like to think of depth psychological work as a highly complex and creative field, almost an art form.

Flexible Pricing available
Clinical psychologist & counsellor, Berlin, Germany

My passion for psychotherapy is driven by my curiosity of what propels the individual. I offer exploring this individually or within a group setting.

Counselor, Berlin, Germany

I focus on accompanying each person unique being in their particular developmental and transformational processes.

Flexible Pricing available
Psychoanalyst & Mindfulness Trainer; Berlin, Germany.

I work in Berlin, Germany, providing psychoanalytic psychotherapy and Jungian analysis within a mindfulness informed framework.

Psychoanalytic counsellor and supervisor, Berlin and online

I do my best to provide an opportunity for everyone to continue their development relieved and emboldened.

Flexible Pricing available

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