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Karen Francesca: Chthonic Commons

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15-09-2018 - 31-10-2018

An exhibition of works by artist Karen Francesca opened upon the occasion of Stillpoint Spaces London’s Open Day. Karen's practice aims to address issues around land and resources and the social implications of environmental degradation.


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Mindful Deep Work for Writers: Creating space for your writing practice

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19-10-2018 - 14-12-2018

Weekly 3-hour writing sessions at Stillpoint Spaces London Library starting Friday 12th Oct and finishing Friday 14th Dec.

In today’s over-distracted world, creating the time for deep work can be difficult. Writers know that “the book won’t write itself” but often find it difficult to find the discipline to create uninterrupted mindfully present writing time. Stillpoint Spaces London is going to create that time for you.

This workshop is ideal for those who wish to commit to the full run of sessions.

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Do Psychiatric Medications Really Help?

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2:00 pm - 4:30 pm EDT

Psychiatrist Dr. Leonard Fagin will facilitate an interactive session responding to concerns and questions about medication used in current psychiatric practice. Participants are encouraged to bring general questions or share their own experience around psychiatric medication from a personal or a clinical perspective. Open to all.

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Crazy, Stupid, Work: How even jobs we love can drive us mad - Camilla Nicholls

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3:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT

An evening with Camilla Nicholls to explore her personal experience of breakdown and recovery, and her journey from despairing patient to practising psychotherapist.  

We will discuss the ways in which work can drive us crazy or slyly keep us at arm's length from being our healthy selves.

Octavia Landy will be joining us from Viacom (think MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon), to discuss Viacom's new mental health programme.