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Mindful Writing Sessions: Space for your writing practice

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21-06-2019 - 23-08-2019

The fourth iteration of our Friday deep work sessions:

In today’s over-distracted world, creating the time for deep work can be difficult. Writers know that “the book won’t write itself” but often find it difficult to find the discipline to create uninterrupted mindfully present writing time. Stillpoint Spaces London is going to create that time for you. This workshop is ideal for those who wish to commit to the full run of sessions.

Claudia series

Women in Psychoanalysis and Culture (Series): Desire, Fantasy, and Textuality

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13-07-2019 - 07-09-2019

A series of monthly reading groups investigating the depiction of women in photography and film using psychoanalytic and philosophical texts. 

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Other Women: a psychodynamic and psychoanalytic group for queer women

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10-09-2019 - 11-02-2020

A monthly reading group for LGBTQIA+ women and gender non-binary people to explore relevant psychodynamic and psychoanalytical literature together. Each month the group will read two papers: one classically psychoanalytical, and one from a more contemporary queer psychodynamic or psychoanalytical perspective.

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PAST EVENT: Race and Racism in Contemporary Britain: a call for participants

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An afternoon of activities to engage with race and racism in Britain today. Come along to take part in a number of creative exercises, with the intention to formulate a future programme of events to explore the role, effects and experience of race and racism in Britain.