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[Past Event] Fiction as a Way In: Stories of Adolescence and Therapy

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12:30 pm - 2:00 pm CDT

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Stillpoint Spaces London
23 Clerkenwell Close
London, EC1R 0AA

Psychoanalytic psychotherapist and writer Christina Moutsou will be holding an experiential workshop based on her new book Fictional Clinical Narratives in Relational Psychoanalysis: Stories from Adolescence to the Consulting Room. The book is a collection of short stories written in the first person from a teenager's point of view and from the therapist's point of view. Some of the teenagers are encountered as adult clients in the consulting room. The short stories focus on subjective experience and on the in between of the therapy relationship.

Asking the question 'what do stories tell us about our ourselves and our intimate relationships?' participants will be given the space to discuss a number of the stories in the newly-published collection through this lens, both with each other and the author.

Attendees will be sent three short stories selected for discussion in advance of the workshop. It will be helpful to have read at least one of the stories before the workshop.

The workshop will be followed by the launch of the book, which attendees are welcome, and encouraged, to stay for.

CHRISTINA MOUTSOU is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, supervisor and writer. She has published three co-edited books in psychotherapy, a novel, and a collection of short stories. She is also a visiting lecturer at Regent's University. Clinical Fictional Narratives in Relational Psychoanalysis: Stories from Adolescence to the Consulting Room is her latest book and is published by Routledge.


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