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'Space': An Exhibition by Julia White

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2:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

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Stillpoint Spaces London
23 Clerkenwell Close
London, EC1R 0AA


Space is a new site-specific installation by Julia White, opening Thursday 20th June at Stillpoint Spaces London. Space is a follow-up to the exhibition Light at 504, Brixton, in January of this year, which was purposefully created for the darkest months of the British year.


For this most recent body of work, Julia has produced a series of coloured acetate window installations, employing light as a medium to illuminate, interrupt, and play within the space of The Lab. Alongside these window installations, Julia will be exhibiting a selection of collages on paper which explore the ways in which photography and colour can be expanded, refracted, and reformed into new compositions, both on flat surfaces and within an exhibition space. Often using photography and collage as proposals for sculptural experiments, these works will continue the development of Julia’s work into the realm of interactive sculptures and installations intended for public spaces.



Spaces - (c) Julia White


As we move into the longest days of the year, Space will pose thoughtful questions about our relationship to light and its effect on space; and, the way we connect as users and visitors to the environment of The Lab.


Entry to this opening event is free.


The exhibition will be open Mondays 12-7pm, and Fridays 9-2pm, or get in touch to pop by another time.




About Julia White


Julia White is a British artist based in London. Most recently, she exhibited a solo show In Transit at Blue Shop Cottage, Denmark Hill; and, has exhibited in group shows in both London and the South West. In 2015 she carried out at residency in Sefrou, Morocco. She is a Set Painter and Specialist Decorator and has worked on construction projects throughout the UK. She graduated Fine Art from Falmouth University in 2013, and will be starting an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art in September. This is her third solo exhibition.

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