Re-visioning Conflict: A collective intelligence approach for organisations


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1:30 pm - 4:00 pm EST

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23 Clerkenwell Close
London, EC1R 0AA

How can institutions and organisations draw on the collective intelligence of their teams to better engage with conflict in a complex and challenging world? The traditional “conflict mindset” is based within fixed hierarchical models that either suffocate or escalate conflict rather than invite productive change. However, if we change our mindset and see conflict as a meaningful event in the social field of the organisation rather than seeing it as destructive, conflict itself can become vitally helpful information.

In this seminar Lukas Hohler will introduce concepts that will enable participants not just think, but also to experience this novel approach to conflict. Hohler has developed a structured procedure based that allows any group or team to tap into the resources inherent within the teams experiencing conflict. This approach is based on The Grundkraft Method which draws on the work of Arnold Mindell’s Process Oriented Psychology and Jungian thought. This inspiring seminar will be an introduction for people who work in organisations, as well as trainers, facilitators, coaches, therapists, and community leaders.

Participants in this seminar will be given a taste of what this kind of engagement with conflict can accomplish. For those who wish to learn more, we will be running a six hour workshop on April 2020, working more deeply with the principles discussed this evening.

Conflict is not the enemy. Conflict is the agent of change and a pathway to self-organisation, innovation, and awareness.

Lukas Hohler  works internationally as a consultant for individuals and organizations in change processes. For the past 25 years he has been part of the school of Process Oriented Psychology and has specialized in developing methods based on Process Oriented Psychology/Deep Democracy to work with conflict and empower people and organizations.

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