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Women in Psychoanalysis and Culture: Desire, Fantasy, and Textuality


07-12-2019 - 04-04-2020

A series of women-only reading groups where we will investigate the depiction of women in visual arts (such as photography and film) and literature, using psychoanalytic and philosophical texts. 

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Identity, Difference & Unconscious Bias



A one-day workshop on identity with the National Coalition-Building Institute (NCBI), which will give space for story sharing, examination of the issues that separate us; better recognition of unfair prejudice and unreasonable discrimination; and more effective, peaceful strategies for change, advocacy and ally-ship. Lunch will be provided. 

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London Drawing Group: October Residency



The London Drawing Group will be running the 'Drawing and The Mind' series of specifically conceived drawing classes to encourage us to rethink how we approach drawing and our creative sides in general, by focusing on how our minds think and our bodies react. 

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Using the Self in Psychotherapy: an introduction to the Relational Approach



Who are you as a therapist, and how does your personal background affect your practice, in particular your relationship with clients? In this workshop we will be exploring Relational Psychoanalysis, which offers a way to understand this complex relationship, so you can begin to get a handle on the unconscious dynamics that infuse the therapeutic situation.