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Identity, Difference & Unconscious Bias




4:30 am - 12:00 pm CDT

A one-day workshop on identity with the National Coalition-Building Institute (NCBI), which will give space for story sharing, examination of the issues that separate us; better recognition of unfair prejudice and unreasonable discrimination; and more effective, peaceful strategies for change, advocacy and ally-ship.

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Women in Psychoanalysis and Culture: Desire, Fantasy, and Textuality


09-11-2019 - 04-04-2020

A series of women-only reading groups where we will investigate the depiction of women in visual arts (such as photography and film) and literature, using psychoanalytic and philosophical texts. 

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Other Women: a psychodynamic and psychoanalytic group for queer women


12-11-2019 - 11-02-2020

A monthly reading group for LGBTQIA+ women and gender non-binary people to explore relevant psychodynamic and psychoanalytical literature together. Each month the group will read two papers: one classically psychoanalytical, and one from a more contemporary queer psychodynamic or psychoanalytical perspective.

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Black Parenting Matters: A workshop for parents and carers of black children




8:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

This is a workshop for parents and carers (whether ‘actively’ parenting or not) to bring some of the hopes, fears, challenges and opportunities of parenting black children, whether they are babies, school-age, teenagers or young adults. 

Bring your children! This event is in partnership with Body & Soul who will be facilitating ‘A Day of Celebrating Me!’, a group for children aged 0-12 years to attend while parents attend the workshop.