Stillpoint Spaces London Privacy Policy

Last updated: 6th of November 2018

Stillpoint Spaces UK Ltd (“Stillpoint Spaces London”, “We”) is a partner company of Stillpoint Zurich GmBH (“Stillpoint Spaces”). This Privacy Policy explains how we use any personal information we collect about you when you contact us or use our services. Stillpoint Spaces London also fully adheres to the Privacy Policy of Stillpoint Spaces, which can be found in full here.


  • Who is responsible for your data?
  • What information do we collect about you?
  • How will we use the information about you?
  • Website
  • Access to your information, correction, and removal
  • Changes to our Privacy Policy
  • How to contact us

Who is responsible for your data?

Stillpoint Spaces London is responsible for data protection, control and processing of your data.

As a partner company to Stillpoint Spaces, we may use shared systems which are also accessible to Stillpoint Spaces and their other partners. We will never pass on your data to other companies other than in ways stated in Stillpoint Spaces’ full Privacy Policy. For a full list of all Stillpoint Spaces partners, please see the full Privacy Policy to which we all adhere.

We will only ever share your data outside of Stillpoint Spaces when required to do so by law.

What information do we collect about you?

If you email us, we will automatically have your email address and name in our system. When we are in the process of dealing with enquiries we use the office management system Trello to track the details of any information pertaining to that enquiry. Once enquiries end we remove this information from our system.

Stillpoint Spaces London members will be required to provide their full name, contact number, and postal address when joining, so that we have reasonable means by which to contact you in an emergency or with regards your membership with us.

If you become a clinical member of Stillpoint Spaces London we will require colour scans of relevant documents to approve your membership. This will include items such as proof of professional accreditation and professional liability insurance. We will keep these scans within a secure digital file along with signed licensing agreements.

All members of Stillpoint Spaces London are required to sign membership agreements stating terms of service. We retained these documents as digital files.

We use Ticket Tailor and Eventbrite to sell our event tickets. Ticket Tailor and Eventbrite require personal information from you to process payments. We receive your name and email address from each of them when notified of a ticket purchase, which we delete from our system once the event has passed. Their privacy policies can be found here: Ticket Tailor, and here: Eventbrite.

If you purchase a product on site with us, such as an event ticket, we will process your payment using the Point of Sale system iZettle Go. We will not store your data, but iZettle Go will act as our data processor. Their privacy statement can be found here: iZettle.

How will we use the information about you?

We use the coworking management software Habu to organise members of Stillpoint Spaces London and/or the users of our coworking space “The Lab”. Habu is where we store the names, contact information and type of membership held by each member. Habu’s privacy policy can be found here: Habu.

We use the accounting software Intuit Quickbooks for invoicing Stillpoint Spaces London members or those who hire our venue. In each case, we also hold full names and contact information on Quickbooks, which will appear on each invoice we send. We will not come into contact with your bank details. Quickbooks’ privacy policy covers how they handle your data: Intuit (Quickbooks).

If you become a member of Stillpoint Spaces London, we store your signed membership agreement in our shared Dropbox Business folder, which is password protected and has restricted access reserved only for those members of staff who need it. For those who are clinical members at Stillpoint Spaces London, we also retain colour scans of all accreditation and related paperwork in this Dropbox folder. The privacy policy for the users of Dropbox Business can be found here.

All memberships and licensing agreements for Stillpoint Spaces London are administered and e-signed via Adobe Acrobat, which is connected to Adobe Document Cloud. After signed copies of paperwork are returned to us, we delete any trace of this on the Adobe Cloud. Details about their adherence to GDPR can be found here.

We use Mailchimp to send out Stillpoint Spaces newsletters and notices. You are able to sign up to our Stillpoint Spaces London mailing list via our website. More information on how we use Mailchimp can be found in Stillpoint Spaces’ Privacy Policy, which can be found here.

Email addresses are only ever added on your behalf if we already have your contact details as part of your membership sign up at Stillpoint Spaces London. We will only use Mailchimp as a way to contact you for purposes related to your membership. We fully comply with Mailchimp’s GDPR guidelines and you can request to unsubscribe from any of our lists at any time. Mailchimp’s privacy policy can be found here: Mailchimp.


If you sign up to our website (or, “online platform”), the way your data is handled will come under the Privacy Policy of Stillpoint Spaces, which again, can be found here.

Please also refer to this Privacy Policy for information on how our website uses third parties and anonymous tracking technologies such as cookies.

Access to your information, correction, and removal

You can request access to all or part of the data we hold on you at any time which we will provide to you within 30 days of your request. If you believe any of the data we hold on you is incorrect, you have the right to request it to be changed.

You also have the right for the information we hold about you to be erased, although this will most likely have an effect on the status of any continuing memberships with Stillpoint Spaces London.

Please write to should you wish to request either of the above. If you are still concerned with how we are handling your data you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), although we would always suggest getting in touch with us in the first instance so that we can resolve any issues directly (see below a full list of our contact details)

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We will continue to regularly review our Policy to ensure it remains up to date with how we collect and use your data. Any changes we make will be made available on this webpage.

How to contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about the way we handle your data at Stillpoint Spaces London via We may pass you on to our partner company Stillpoint Spaces if this is appropriate. They can be contacted directly via

We can also be contacted by phone or post at:

23 Clerkenwell Close, London, EC1R 0AA 020 7253 3489